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MAN RENTS BILLBOARD TO FIND STOLEN DOG - “This billboard cost me $1,950 for five days. I don’t care about the money. What I care about is Boomer…”

For the past five months, a man named Eddie Williams has been conducting a desperate search for his dog Boomer, a Poodle. Boomer went missing from the car while Williams was at a gas station. Recently, Williams rented a mobile billboard with Boomer’s photo prominently displayed on the side. Although Williams has spent thousands of dollars on the search, it appears money is secondary to Boomer’s safe return. Read more from Fox 59 News:

Boomer has been missing for five months. Williams said someone stole his dog out of his car when he went to pay for gas inside a station at the corner of Sherman Drive and 25th Street on Indianapolis’ east side. For the past five months, Williams has felt a void in his life without his dog.

“He’s not a dog to me he’s a little human. My little human, and he’s my travelling companion,” said Williams. “I drive semis for a living he was everywhere I went.”

He even hired a private investigator to search for the dog, but when that didn’t work, he decided to rent the mobile billboard for even more exposure. He used a bold yellow background and red writing to highlight the $1,500 reward he’s offering. The billboard is already creating buzz.

Please share, especially if you are in the Indianapolis area. Hopefully Boomer turns up and is reunited with his dedicated owner soon. Bring Boomer Home! Click here for the full story and a news video. 

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Ich weiss nicht von wie vielen alten Leuten auf E-Bikes ich in den letzten Wochen fast über den Haufen gefahren worden wäre.

Keinerlei Kontrolle über ihr Fahrzeug, aber mit völlig überhöhter Geschwindigkeit über den Radweg.

Bevor man über einen solchen Schwachsinn wie den Zwang zum Fahrradhelm nachdenkt, sollte jeder erst einmal nachweisen, dass er Fahrzeuge lenken kann, welche eine solche Geschwindigkeit an den Tag legen können!